Looking ahead, we confident!

Column:Company News Date:2012-08-03
In 5 years, in the long river of history but Pronto, looking to the future, enterprises still have a long way to go.

"Grandchildren strategics" goes: "to win, not absurd joy; defeat, not money hungry; chest and face a shock such as mine Pinghu, worship of general!"

In future development, we Hiwinsolvay people no matter what difficulties and setbacks, they will be more confident, more determined, more capable, more courage, with keen-witted and capable and efficient, low-key and pragmatic work style, the Hiwinsolvay development better, for customers, shareholders, employees, for the community to create greater value!

Here, I would like to reiterate Hiwinsolvay staff vowed: all Hiwinsolvay staff will bear in mind the "precision manufacturing of green chemical industry, create social value" of the enterprise mission, and strive to achieve "build a world-class sodium silicate base, to the international environment-friendly chemical enterprise" business vision, promote "cooperation development, passion and innovation" the spirit of enterprise, in the work of the challenge, the success of enterprises in the realization of self-worth, be of one heart and one mind, together in harmony, the Hiwinsolvay construction to become respected and outstanding enterprises!
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