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Company Profile

QINGDAO Hiwinsolvay CHEMICALS CO., LTD.( (QDRC in short hereinafter) was found in June,2007 and located in Qingdao Hi-Tech Development Zone New Material Industrial Group Area with a coverage area of 136,000 square meters. It is a joint-venture co-invested by Qingdao Hiwin Group, Qingdao Dongyue Sodium Silicate Co., Ltd., and Rhodia Corp,Ltd(China) with registered capital 6 million and a total investment of 130 million RMB. QDRC mainly produces SODIUM SILICATE, which has many diversified industrial applications. It is used to produce Precipitated Silica, Silica Gel, Molecular Sieve, Detergent and so on.. The product is mainly exported to overseas markets except our supply to Rhodia Fefine Chemicals Additive(Qingdao)CO., Ltd.

Accroding to whole poroject plan,the project will be carried out in three phases to construct six sodium silicate production lines with production capacity 360,000 MT/Year. At present, the project covers 136,000 square meters with a total investment of 130 million RMB. QDRC has constructed four solid sodium silicate production lines with production capacity of 240,000 MT/Year and liquid sodium silicate of 750 MT/Day.In 2011,the sales revenue realizes 205 million RMB while the total asset reaches 250 million RMB.The industrial furnaces are horse-shoe flame glass furnaces, which are designed by Chinese Academy of Light Industrial Engineering Research and Planning. One distinguish feature of the industrial furnaces is energy conservation that is obvious in saving energy especially in the case of rising price of energy source, ie, less energy consumption in the same kinds of sodium silicate at present in China; the other feature is its large production capacity, which is at the top of the list in the facilities of producing the same kinds of products in sodium silicate industry. The total production capacity of sodium silicate solid is 110,000MT/year after the first phase was finished and put into production in May,2008. In the second phase, 45 million RMB will be invested to construct another two industrial furnaces with an area of 70 square meters separately. It is estimated to put into production in the year of 2011 and then the total production capacity of sodium silicate solid will reach to 220,000 MT/year after full operation.

QDRC adhere to “Green Chemical” idea and pay attention to the input and application, of energy conservation and consumption reduction equipment technology in the process of production. It is the first chemical silicate enterprise to adopt DCS computer control system, install desulphurization and dust removal system and exhaust gas heat exchanger by absorbing waste gas in domestic. Besides, from 2008 to 2009,QDRC have passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification in succession and constantly promote the standardization, scientification and humanization of management.

As a sodium silicate supplier with high quality to the international high-end customer, QDRC strictly supervise product quality and build up the lifeline of enterprise. QDRC strictly abide by “zero defect, realize perfect, strict control, and reduce regret” as quality management idea and adopt strict ISO9001 quality management mode, and carry out refined management for whole process, all of which guarantee the stable quality of sodium silicate and make the products conform to market demand, and win the high acceptance of international high-end customers. Up to present, QDRC has become the long-term supplier to Rhodia, Evonik, and Huber, and achieved good economic, social and ecological benefits.

QDRC would like to make unremitting efforts to develop the circular economical, conservation-oriented and environmental friendly society with friends from all walks of life.
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