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In April, 2007     signing ceremony of joint venture was held.
In June, 2007    Hiwinsolvay was officially established
In July, 2007      Hiwinsolvay was under construction
In May, 2008      the first phase of construction (1# and 2#Furnace) were constructed and put into operation, with annual productivity of 120,000 tons
In July, 2008      the first phase of construction was completed and completion ceremony was held
In May, 2010      the first phase of construction project for liquid solid sodium silicate production equipment was completed with production capacity 750 MT/Day.
In February        2011, the second phase of construction project for 3# and 4# furnace were under construction.
In March, 2012  3# Furnace was put into production and 4# furnace is estimated to be completed before the end of 2012.Until then, the total production capacity will reach 240,000 MT/Year.
In May, 2012      ERP system officially launched in QDRC.
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